my simple quadbot

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my simple quadbot

Post  kymhorsell on Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:41 am

Oh goodie! A new forum to post to. Very Happy

I'll kick things off with a pointer to an aging robot I built using the Bioloid kit and a whole lot of home-grown software.

The simple symmetric quad was my first attempt at building "from scratch" (ahem! well... from a kit of parts, anyway) any kind of robot that could wander around autonimously. It was also a test vehicle for my Prolog-powered gait-solving planner -- basically, a piece of software that takes a robot's geometry and sensor specifications as input, and tries to build (yes, build -- to save you from having to write it yourself) the software to control it. The planner also has a "cartoon mode" to show you what the robot does in virtual reality, in case you're too lazy to actually put the thing together in the "real world". Very Happy

Anyway, the YouTube link is:

One of the many "simulations" (actually done AFTER I'd put the thing together) is:

If anyone is interested I have a YouTube account and robot blog under the obvious name. You can either go straight there (if you know how) or find via Google. Since budding roboticists are meant to be the elite of the engineering world, they shouldn't need any help from me to do the trivial things. Cool


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Re: my simple quadbot

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:45 am

HI Kym,

Very nice indeed. Usage of ROBOTIS bioloid kit set.
Have you tried oher brands of humanoids?

Conrad Very Happy


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