Urbi Open Source Contest

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Urbi Open Source Contest

Post  Gostai on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:04 pm

Gostai decided to open its Urbi operating system for robots with an A-GPL license a few months ago. To stimulate the community of programmers using Urbi, we're currently organizing a free contest based on Urbi open source from September 15 to December 15.

The only constraint is that participants must use Urbi open source in their project. They can do whatever they want from robotics to video games or complex systems with it.

The application process and the prizes are described on the contest page on Urbiforge.org

Since not everyone owns a robot, we and our partners wanted to provide some software tools they can use for free during the whole contest: Gostai Studio Suite®, which includes the graphical tools Gostai Studio® and Gostai Lab®; the Webots® simulator for robotics – a special Urbi Open Source contest edition; Qt®/Urbi application development framework for GUI design; Ogre®+Bullet® graphic engine bound to Urbi – for games or simulation.

Participants only need post one video of their finished project and post the code they used on a Wiki page we create for them.

We're hoping you will all want to participate!


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